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This page will be devoted to supplying our family and friends information and photos of
the Feenstra's travels and other things which we would like to spread around.  And
maybe to an E.T. Paull collector or two.

        Now that you have found me either by using the link from the old Earthlink page or from some other way, you'll know that I now have a .com address with unlimited web space.  This of course will allow me to expand and put in larger pictures and I can even reinstall some of the earlier trips that I had to remove to conserve space.  What a nice feeling.  The E.T. Paull fans will be pleased to know that I have now made links to larger photos for all of the covers.  As time goes by the pictures on all the pages will get larger.  I have added more pictures to the archives and will continue to add more to the other pages as well.  I have also added a Carty Piano Company page for all the Dick Carty fans out there.  Anyway there's a lot to do, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

         E.T. Paull Foreword to the  pages by Wayland Bunnell

E.T. Paull Page One    Agacerie thru Custer    Updated Nov. 08, 2015

E.T. Paull Page Two   Dance thru Ice    Updated Nov. 06, 2015 

E.T. Paull Page Three  I Cert'ny thru My Rose    Updated Nov. 07, 2015

E.T Paull Page Four   Napoleon thru Sheridan       Updated Nov. 10, 2015

E.T. Paull Page Five   Signal thru Ziz       Updated Nov. 10, 2015

E.T. Paull's New list, more complete  Updated Continually

African Tour       July 15, 2006 

Galapagos           May 2, 2005 

Antarctic Tour     January 25, 2003

Antarctic Tour Page 2         January 25, 2003

Antarctic Tour Page 3         January 25, 2003

Polar Bear Trip                Recap

Family Photos     Updated Aug. 08, 2016

Carty Piano Company    Aug. 2, 2004

Carty Piano Page 2       Aug. 2, 2004

Carty Piano Page 3         Aug. 25, 2016

Carty Piano Page 4       Sept.1, 2006

Northrop The Early Days  November 03, 2003

The Art Of Charles Levier    Updated Aug. 08, 2016

So from time to time stop by and take a look at our web page as I add pictures and more E.T. Paull stuff occasionally.

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